How to Make Sea Moss Gel

Sea moss can be consumed in a number of different ways, including adding the plant itself to food, or consuming it in a powdered supplement form. The most popular way by far though, is by making the sea moss into a gel which is usually added to smoothies, food, and drinks.

If you’re already hooked on sea moss gel or want to incorporate it into your lifestyle but don’t have the time, resources, or desire to make it yourself, you can purchase high quality, organic sea moss gel prepared for your convenience. However, if you prefer more of an up-close-and-personal relationship with the things you put in your body, you may want to make your own sea moss gel. Here are some tips for making a sea moss gel that is perfect for you.


Thoroughly rinse your Wildcrafted Sea Moss with water until free of all sand and debris, then place in a large container. 

Add enough water to cover sea moss and limes (optional). Cover container, and allow sea moss to soak for at least 6 hours (Sea moss should be soft/gelatinous enough to easily dissolve).

Remove sea moss from container and either boil or blend to make the gel.

Boiling Method:

If you want to ensure that you eliminate any bacteria that might be on your sea moss before consumption, boiling may be your preferred method. Boiling also results in a stronger, more ocean-like flavor. 

Add soaked sea moss to a pot of boiling water (approximately 1 cup of sea moss to 2 cups of water). Stir constantly until sea moss dissolves into water and forms a smooth gel.

Blender Method:

If you want to avoid using excessive heat in order to preserve the maximum nutrient content of the sea moss, blending may be your preferred method. Blending also results in a more mild flavor.

Place soaked sea moss in blender. Add water to blender, measured to the same level as sea moss. Blend until the mixture thickens and reaches your desired consistency.


  1. A little goes a long way - About 1 ounce of dried Wildcrafted Sea Moss may make between 1-2  jars of gel (16 oz) depending on consistency. 
  2. When boiling or blending, use more water for a thinner gel consistency, less water for a thicker consistency.
  3. Store your sea moss gel in the refrigerator and try to use it within 2-3 weeks for maximum freshness.
  4. You are the Boss of the Moss! This is YOUR sea moss gel so you can prepare it the way YOU like. You can make it as thin or as thick as you want. You can infuse it with different flavors to elevate the taste. There are no strict rules for preparing sea moss gel so do what suits you best!